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Tired of not getting the recognition you deserve?

Web hosts - save the money you have been squirreling away for paid placements, advertising or awards. We believe we have a better option for you. At, you only pay us when someone clicks through to your site or once they have signed up with your services. And there is absolutely no other financial arrangement we will accept. We’re a search tool for finding the perfect hosting vendor and (very!) different from the rest:

  • Transparent search results – absolutely no manipulation.
  • The size of your budget makes no difference.
  • Your prospects like searching here. We reduce the anxiety and make it easy for them using a system that conveys trust.
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    A vendor’s paradise for hosting company searches

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    SMBs rejoice!

    At you can’t improve your chances here with a large budget. Unlike many other web hosting review sites, we don’t accept payouts for things like awards or advertising. Heck, we don’t even charge you for the listing! The only payment we receive is either per click or per conversion and the payment model does not allow for an impact on results.

    And are you having trouble getting the search engine visibility you need to compete? No wonder! Your industry is unbelievably saturated and generally it’s those companies that have the dough that get the nod from Google. Your business needs to find another way to connect to leads.

    Good at what you do?

    Great, then we want to help you shine. Our advanced search results mean that users with super specific requirements can drill right down to the best web hosts for them.

    So if your hosting services revolve around some pretty specific skill sets, let us help you connect with the businesses that want just what you’re good at. Don’t let your specialties go unappreciated.

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    The search experience your customers want…

    It’s not easy for a business or IT department to find a great host. There are many, many hosting directory sites out there. Most of them are highly manipulated and just generally cumbersome to use.

    Our clean, intuitive interface and highly relevant search results mean businesses save time and resources. And of course, they really like that. Hang out where your potential prospects do.

    Get the customers you know you deserve.