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Search Hosting Vendors About & Why Us

Think you've just stumbled upon another run of the mill hosting directory site? Hardly!

We are not your typical hosting vendors search engine or directory. Unfortunately, much of the web hosting reviews industry is mired with paid sponsorships, paid user reviews and paid awards.

The way things stand right now, it's really difficult for businesses to get accurate information about web hosts. With many of the review sites out there, it's beyond challenging to get the straight up goods on a host. We've seen first hand things like...

  • Awards and other special recognition being granted not on the merit of the services, but instead on financial arrangements.
  • Results being manipulated based on the amount of advertising dollars spent. What kind of an indicator is this of their ability to provide a quality service to you?
  • Hosts paying or otherwise compensating their customers to post positive, glowing reviews.
  • Competitors posting fake reviews on the profiles of their rivals, hoping to discredit them.
  • Disgruntled customers that honestly have unreasonable expectations and abuse vendor policies, making it their mission to do what they can to destroy the reputation of the host in question. They manipulate host review sites to vent their displeasure distorting what might in fact be a great vendor and partner for your business.

No wonder you feel confused and frustrated! Online visibility really does not come down to awesome customer service or killer offerings. Those with the deepest pockets more often than not come out on top. This includes hosting directory sites, Google search rankings including both paid Adwords placements and organic search as well as banner and other display ads. Can you say biased or at a minimum not a good indicator of a best fit!

Does this sound the least bit familiar? We thought so. That's exactly why we started We get very frustrated with the web hosting snake oil, whether from Google, or from review sites with questionable practices. So we've created an alternative to compare hosting companies. There is no other site like ours out there. Period.

Scope us out

How do we know so much about the hosting industry? For over 12 years we have been helping web hosts with their internet marketing, figuring out all the ins and outs for getting them noticed online and so we have a pretty killer inside scoop on the industry, wouldn't you say?

Why we bother

We like small businesses and IT folks. We really do. And we just can't stand how the web hosting industry works right now. We've worked with some hosts that are seriously freaking awesome in every aspect of what they do. All the guts, but do they get the glory? Puhleeze. Oftentimes their budgets are just too small. We thought, rather than ranting and raving about what should change, let's be the change.

Why search with us

  • Think about the lost productivity, wasted money and frustration of choosing the wrong host. Who wants that? We're here to match you up properly, with super targeted search results right from the get go.
  • To us, the size of the web host and their marketing budget doesn't matter. We look at technology. We look at service. We look at fit. It's often the small and medium sized vendors that are much better at delivering service yet they may not have the scale. In the end you need something that suits your specific requirements and preferences. We're all about transparency and accuracy here. No one can pay their way to the top. We don't accept advertising and we don't charge for listings. No exceptions.
  • Succinct and easy to digest search results. It can be hard to sift through what comes up on other review sites and search engines. There are paid ads, articles, news releases and other content mixed in to distract you from your search. We've designed this site to be all about the search. Nothing else matters.
  • Our search engine also goes super in-depth. Yes, it takes a bit more time to go through our search criteria, but it's to your benefit in the end. If you know right down to the smallest detail exactly what you need, our slew of search variables helps you drill down to the web hosts that can get it done.

US versus THEM

Us Everyone else
Unbiased search results. NO vendor can pay for a higher or more prominent listing. Manipulated rankings
A different way of doing things. We don't accept advertising and we don't collect listing fees.   Search results and displayed content directly linked to advertising spend levels.
In-depth, specific searches. The most relevant results for your needs. Cumbersome, hard to digest results that need plenty of additional, manual research.  
A social component that can't be messed with. Social rankings manipulated by payouts, fraudulent posts and incentivized positive reviews.
Web site is independently owned Might be owned by a web hosting company

We are on a mission to change the way a search for a web host is done and bring transparency back into the buying process, as it should always have been. If you have any feedback or suggestions for how we can make things even better, fire away , we're all ears! We hope you take advantage of this tool and do your own search. Get started by going here!